About Us

Buying a brand new home is one of the most stable yet important investments you will ever make. Your home is all about you, your family and it is an extension of your personality… a measure of your success! The memories you create within your home will become an intricate part of your home’s character – starting from the moment you fall in love with it and long before you unlock the front door for the first time.


We have been part of this incredible journey with thousands of families since we started building family homes way back in 1970.

For nearly fifty years, Zotos Construction has and will always remain committed to the principles of honesty and integrity. While constantly striving to deliver homes of exceptional quality we are further driven to provide value for money homes that become fantastic spaces for our clients to live in.

We don’t take traits such as client satisfaction, attention to detail and craftsmanship lightly… In fact… we strive to achieve these attributes by constantly trying to improve our methods and techniques and measuring our performance on a daily basis.  A direct hands-on approach, using the finest materials and finishes and a meticulous attention to detail is the benchmark we have set for ourselves.

Through nurturing long term relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers, we truly understand what being a family business is all about. Naturally, we aim to guide you, advise you… but ultimately… inspire you!

We do this simply because we are enthusiastic and we love what we do!

Our doors are always open… Join us for a cup of coffee and let’s take the first step in bringing your new home to life… together.