About Us

An Established Reputation in Construction

The Zotos story began in 1970 with two brothers, one house, a dream and a tireless determination to make that dream a reality. It was then that brothers Chris and Kosta formed Zotos Brothers Construction Company; a name synonymous with reliability.

It wasn’t long before the Zotos brothers also developed a reputation for enthusiasm, timely delivery and superior workmanship. Their uncompromising dedication to quality has driven the company's growth from the construction of that first house to the experienced organisation thousands of clients trust with their property today.


From the start, Zotos homes have distinguished themselves – from their imaginative architecture and design innovation to their tasteful finishes and skilled craftsmanship.

The Zotos distinction extends further into our commercial and industrial developments, where our exceptional service has become an industry benchmark.


Over the past four decades, Zotos has realised that it isn’t enough to prepare for the future – a forward-thinking company has to create the future. With this in mind we present progressive ideas like green design and sustainable development.


Beyond our champion work as a turnkey property solutions provider, it's our ethos of honesty and integrity that assures our clients, partners and suppliers that we’re in it for the long run. We put our hearts and souls into our work… and it shows.

Zotos runs projects nationally and globally from our head office in Johannesburg. And although construction is our key focus, we also have business units specialising in property development, property management and property investment. At Zotos, our culture marries perfectly with the professionalism of our operations – making us not only the best at what we do, but also the nicest people to work with.


The first step in building your home is meeting with one of our experienced architects. Together, you examine the site layout and orientation, establish a structural flow, and personalise the design to best suit your needs and lifestyle.

Once the designs and plans have been finalised, you’re invited to a pre-construction meeting to introduce you to your construction team. Here, we give you a complete overview of the construction process. We always keep you in the loop.

Next, you establish the fine details. Our client liaison specialists help you to choose the perfect fittings for a cohesive home design that’s tailored to your budget. And it’s all done at a comfortable pace for a smooth and stress-free experience.

Building a quality home requires an immense amount of time and attention by the builder.

At Zotos, quality takes precedence over anything else. This is why we limit the number of construction homes to each foreman – so we can keep our team clear-headed and fully focused on your project.

Our team of project managers and site supervisors manages the construction process daily and keeps you regularly updated.

On completion, a Zotos team member conducts a detailed home orientation to guide you through the construction features of your new home. We show you the ins and outs of operating and maintaining your new home, later introducing you to the After-Sales team who will be responsible for managing your long-term needs.

Welcome home!

The Zotos experience doesn’t end with the completion of your home. Our expert Customer Service team continues to provide you with quality service even after you’ve moved in and is ready to respond to your needs at a moment’s notice.

You don’t just build a home with Zotos; you become part of our family.

Zotos Standard Designs

Zotos Construction have a vast amount of "Standard Design" floor plans which have been compiled from clients’ requirements over the years.

We have taken the most common client requests and collectively created floor plans which have a flow to suit the design and flexible orientation to fit on any stand.

The Zotos Construction turnkey solution includes a one on one consultation with our architects to mould one of our Zotos Standard Designs to fit your individual specifications.

Zotos will construct your dreams and run the project from beginning to end.

Zotos Custom Designs

Zotos is different from most other builders in this area. We are a design & building company. This means that you spend time with one of our professional architects and discuss the details of your dream home.

Together we will analyse and examine the site layout, its orientation, the proper flow through your home, and personalize a design and style to best suit you. Zotos Construction has vast experience of building homes of any style and size.

If you have already engaged the services of your own architect and have detailed working drawings, come meet with us to construct the vision, and experience a stress-free building solution.