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Love where you live and live while you earn!


Don’t move your life, let your property work for you. Take advantage of a large property, its location and size with a new, turnkey Zotos Cottage Solution.

Zotos Construction now specialises in building new cottages on large properties in and around Joburg’s northern suburbs. The new Cottage Solution package is specifically designed for those who really love where they live, but find that they could better utilise and capitalise on their asset.

Using its industry thought leadership and building skills, Zotos Construction have decided to do something different, something innovative, to purposefully assist those residential property owners with large erven who love where they live, but whose properties are financially not working as hard as they should.

With Cottage Solutions’s simple, turnkey and affordable process, it’s easy to give a large property a new lease of life by turning it into an income-generating entity – and owners get to stay where they are. The income potential from a two-bedroom Zotos cottage can extend up to R11,000 a month.

For so many people, owning a property larger than 1,000m², is all about location and ease of getting to where one needs to be. You might have a fantastic view, a great suburb vibe or be in the perfect street – so stay there!

But if the upkeep is getting too steep, and the property is not paying for itself because maintenance and a big garden is burdening you, Zotos Cottage Solutions can be the answer. Rather than facing the inconvenience of selling or the significant financial risk of a bank closure, consider the benefits of a cottage solution by Zotos Construction.

New city bylaws favour you all the way, there are no council contributions required when building a new cottage structure, and building line restrictions are far more lenient.

Zotos Cottage Solutions builds in most of Joburg’s Northern Suburbs and its immediate surrounds, the process is simple and delivers a new cottage you’ll also love. Zotos Cottage Solutions comes in turnkey 60m², 70m² or 80m² packages to suit your property size.

A Zotos new cottage solution is definitely more real than real estate.
It’s simply smarter!

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